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Here we fly on a shut down former Russian military airfield west of Merseburg/Saxonia, Germany, in those days their largest airfield in the GDR. We established our base in one of the shelters at that time housing the Russian MiG’s. Consequently, our aircrafts are stored in a very safe place. During the years, we upgraded the shelter with its ancillary rooms to a full-fledged club-house with ample furnished workshop and storage room. A spacious and comfortable kitchen along with modern sanitary installations (WC, wash hand basins and shower) have been build. All this is fed by a self-constructed water supply system including well. Special Airfield Merseburg ( EDAM) N 51° 21,78’ E 011° 56,45’ ELEV 340 Runway 08/26, 1140x30 m, concrete PPR