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Hoffmann H-36 Dimona (D-KEIM)  Our Hoffmann H36 is a two seated motor glider developed as low-wing cantilever aircraft and made of fiber-reinforced high-tech composite by Hoffmann Aircraft in Austria – now Diamond Aircraft. Powered by a Limbach L2000 engine with 80 HP, our pilots love this versatile, attractive and affordable plane. And not to forget, one keeps a long lasting impression if gliding with shut down engine effortlessly and silently through the skies.
Zlin Z-42 MU (D-EWMV) The two seated Zlin Z-42MU is a single engine low-wing cantilever aircraft in very rugged all-metal construction, developed during the seventies of the last century by the Czechoslovak aircraft builder Moravan. The LOM M 137A engine (180 HP / 133 kW, six liters, six-cylinder in-line with low-pressure fuel injection) powers an automatically adjusting metallic propeller. Developed as a training and fully acrobatic aircraft, the Z-42MU is a versatile aircraft used in our club for training, sports and travel. Her low-wing concept with nitrogen-pressurized main center-wing spar assures excellent and unlimited view from the cockpit.
Zlin Z-43 (D-EKGN) The Zlin Z-43 is the four seated version of the Z-42 with slightly enlarged wing span and fuselage, a more powerful supercharged engine LOM M 337A with 210 HP (154 kW) as well as additional tanks to increase operating range.
Orličan L-40 „Meta Sokol“ (D-EWCN) The L-40 is a four-seat light training and sporting low wing cantilever monoplane aircraft, all metal structure, monocoque fuselage, 1958 model. The Centre-wing section is integral with fuselage. Fabric covered metal ailerons are interchangeable, also the all metal split flaps on outer wings and the fabric covered elevators. The main wheels retract backwards into the wings (half-buried) and the “forward-advanced” tail wheel into the fuselage rear of cabin. She is driven by a Motorlet (now LOM) Walter M332 inverted four-cylinder in-line air-cooled, ungeared, supercharged engine with fuel injection, producing take-off power of 140 hp (103 kW), rated power of 115 hp (85 kW) and cruising power of 100 hp (75 kW) to a two-blade Avia V-410 metal electrically-adjustable variable-pitch propeller. GO was executed in 2013 in the aircraft works of Aeroclub Výsoke Mýto / Czech Republic. In our Club she is used for sports and travel.