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         Club’s development
    Fliegerclub Leipzig e.V.  • Present qualifications: flight instructors SEP(land) & FI motor glider Certified Technician SEP(land) & motor glider  •               Member of: Luftsportverband Sachsen e.V. (LSV), Deutscher Aeroclub e.V. (DAEC), Landessportbund Sachsen e.V., Stadtsportbund Leipzig e.V. 
March 2000                       April 2000   since 2003
   March 1990 February 1992 January 2000
Foundation of the Luftsportclub Leipzig e.V.  located at the traditional airport Leipzig – Mockau. The Club then was home of aircraft pilots, motor glider pilots & skydivers  Due to airport closure of Leipzig-Mockau, Luftsportclub Leipzig moved to Public Airfield Roitzschjora and made its extensive contribution to the development of the Airfield including a newly constructed tower         Separation of the Skydiver’s Section and foundation of Fliegerclub Leipzig e.V. owning  four aircrafts (SEP land) & two motor gliders  
Fliegerclub Leipzig e.V. moved to the Special Airfield Merseburg, a shut down former military air field, using one of the shelters as its base Start of upgrading the shelter incl. its ancillary rooms  by the Club-Members The ancillary rooms have been furnished with a meeting room, an ample workshop & storage room, a kitchen, sanitary installations (WC, washing basins, shower). Construction of a water supply facility with well, and until today further additional building and technical works are being performed to improve the Clubs’ base